Correction Fluid 2in1 (Foam Brush & Pen Tip)

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BAZ 1611
X-5 B
  • PRECISE & WIDE CORRECTIONS. New needle-point tip that lets you precisely cover small areas, fine lines, and details. Foam brush applicator makes it easier to apply.
  • FAST-DRYING. Faster drying formula with bright white fluid that blends well with white paper and covers handwritten and printed ink-even permanent marker.
  • VERSATILE. Great for correcting most pen, markers, and ink from fax, computer, and photocopy printouts, photocopies, typewritten documents, and handwritten notes.
  • NO MORE MISTAKES! We've got you covered with our assortment of correction fluids, tape and pen. No need to worry about re-doing your work due to a minor mistake.
  • EASY TO USE. Fluid dries quickly to a smooth finish, so you can rewrite the mistake. Shake well before using and then stroke across paper without dabbing. Allow to dry before writing.
X-5 B